Spine Endoscope

Specially design for spine surgery. Multi-approach, Multi-anatomic area,
Multi-disease treatment Suitable for MED/PELD/PECD surgery.

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Titanium Alloy Endoscope Body in The Industry
Compared with the stainless steel, the titanium alloy has excellent comprehensive properties, such as low density, high strength, high toughness, good crack propagation resistance and excellent anti-corrosion. As a kind of aerial material, the titanium alloy endoscope body is more lightweight and durable, and has superior HPHT reduction reaction.
134℃,2.3kPa atmosphere
Sapphire Cross Section
In terms of strength, sapphire is second only to diamond, and has a very strong resistance to abrasion. Besides, its high transmittance could ensure the light ray of the light source through the cross section with almost no loss, which makes the brightness of the field of view higher.