Our Vision

We believe minimally invasive or even non-invasive surgery has always been the goal of doctors and patients. THINK is willing to work with doctors and patients, gradually popularizing minimally invasive technology, and applying it to clinical treatment to reduce the suffering of patients. We believe in the near future, minimally invasive will be the world’s major clinical operation methods, and also brings more possibilities for honorable lives.

Our Mission

•  Continue to provide excellent minimally invasive technology and services

Excellency has always been rooted in the heart of impetus source. Based on "Industry 4.0" manufacturing thinking initiated by Germany, and combined with global clinical needs, we provide the leading time products, and also consider more about the most cutting-edge equipment, devices and clinical techniques to maximize the excellent performance of THINK minimally invasive products。

•  Committed to the promotion of minimally invasive technology

Our global business includes minimally invasive mature and rapid development region like Germany, the United states, and China, and we also expand the business to Southeast Asia and Africa to make the minimally invasive treatment benefit more doctors and patients. In mainland China, the business covers the Greater China region from top third class A hospital to primary hospital, spreading out the minimally invasive concept.

•  Understand the clinic, meet the clinical needs

We are committed to clinical communication, which cannot only promote the advanced minimally invasive concepts, but also guides updating and upgrading of technology and services and various types of academic annual meetings, seminars and other market activities are also a better way to understand clinic and meet clinical needs. From design and development, we can take into account minimally invasive products which are more suitable for clinical application, and from marketing and sales, we can find a better way to meet the clinical needs of service.